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Having a perfect model like brows is everyone’s dream and we just couldn’t resist but made it possible for our Naftun Fam.
This product was curated for you all to get fluffier and thicker brows.
Whether you want fluffy eyebrows,natural looking brows or a more groomed  look, #nafbrow is created to perfect and hold whatever style you want to create.
It is unique,game changing and reusable
This is an old Hollywood secret for keeping your brows in place with a natural bushy appeal.
Say hi to fluffy,set brows all day!No more crispy brows.


Aqua, Sorbitol, Glycerin,myristic acid,sodium laurate, propylene glycol,sodium chloride, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil,cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium citrate, rosemary oil and peppermint oil.

How to Use

Spray Naftun’s Mogra mist or any prep mist onto the Naftbrow (just one pump is required).
Take a spoolie,bent it a little with a finger and then gather some good amount of product onto the spoolie.
Coat your brows with the spoolie, brush upwards and set in desired shape.

Finally fill in your brows if required.

Care Instructions

Thank you for choosing NAFTUN, and taking the first step towards making a shift in your lifestyle. This product is safe for expecting or breastfeeding mothers. But we request you to consult the doctor before use. Patch test recommended before use. Apply a small amount of product on the inner elbow or side of your neck (There should be no other products on the skin so that you can properly test this product). Observe this area for the next 24-48 hrs. If no reaction develops, the product is safe to use all over. If you are using these products for the first time on your skin, there’s a slight possibility that because of these new ingredients, upon application there could be a sudden surge of more acne and pimples. This is known as ‘skin purging’, a process where the skin is trying to detox itself by releasing unwanted toxins through its pores. We understand that it might get you worried, but we guarantee you that it will calm down in a few days and you can resume the use of your product.

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ŃAFBROW Original is perfect for creating that fluffy, done but not too done brows.

  • Details


    0.88fl-oz / 20g

  • Caution

    A slight tingling sensation is completely normal.- Unsuitable in case of sensitivity towards essential oils.- If you see inflammation or redness after use, discontinue use of the product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Vatsala Gupta
Super Recommended

I use this everyday and it is a go to, great for taming crazy brows and brushing up thin ones really recommend!

Saba Karim

A little tricky to use to begin with as I personally have only used eyebrow gels before. However, once you get the hang of it, it creates the PERFECT bushy brow look!

Alisha Zubair
Worth The Money!

I have to admit that I was quite sceptical if this would work.
I have quite thin brows with little sparse areas that I always need to fill in.
After researching about this product & another one with similar claims, I had decided to go with the lovely Vegan brand that looks homemade.
I spray directly into the product & then move my spoolie around before brushing through my brows before I do my makeup.
Highly recommend & I will be repurchasing!


As a mua I want my clients eyebrows to be natural and fluffy. This does the trick.
I spray the mist on to the soap, let it dry for a few seconds and then brush it on to the brows! It holds very well during the day and looks natural!

Yamini Mall

Makes my brows look fuller and I really love it, easy to use. love the concept of this product.
Makeup artists have used this technique for a long time and I’m glad someone has made the concept into a better functional product.

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