Skincare Regime Tips for this Winter to Keep You Glowing All Season.

“Skin loses a lot of moisture into the environment when the air is less humid, such as during the transition from summer to fall.” (This can cause your skin to feel drier than usual.) “Dry skin requires both humectants and emollients that draw in moisture and lock in moisture, respectively,” she adds. Swapping your usual lighter moisturizers for richer formulas, going easy on exfoliation, and using a calming cleanser are just a few ways to prep your skin to handle the season’s harsher weather.

If you’re looking to keep your skin comfy and hydrated all winter long, read on for Ńaftun's winter skincare tips and the best skincare products to help.

Switch to a calming Makeup Cleanser and using Toner/Mist to keep your skin hydrated round the sason.

Cleansing is probably the first (and most important) step in your skincare routine. So when you’re scrubbing up to get rid of makeup, dirt, and oils, reach for a product such as Ńaftun's Makeup Remover Pad that treats your skin gently and doesn’t strip away much-needed moisture.

Formulas like cleansing balms and creams are a go-to in winter months to dissolve the day away and hydrate your skin. 

Our Pick: Round the Clock Skincare Combo transforms your skin while keeping it hydrated and melts your makeup before your eyes while bathing your skin in hydration. Ipster bflofan727 says, “Love this item! Dissolves the mascara and makes my skin feel like I already have moisturiser on.”

Try a richer Serum.

In the skincare routine, out of all the steps, serums are the most effective ones. They contain a dose of highly concentrated active ingredients that can help with some specific skin concerns such as acne, aging signs, enlarged pores, dullness, and dry skin. Because of their high concentration power, serums can sometimes damage the skin if used in the wrong way. Most serums consist of small molecules, which makes it easy to penetrate the skin quickly and deeply. Using a serum such as Ńaftun's 24K Gold Elixir can change your skin entirely as the formula inside those little bottles can be wonderfully beneficial and powerful for the skin.

Protect your lips, too.

The skin on your lips is pretty thin and loses moisture easily, which can result in dry, flaky, chapped lips. It’s always important to carry a Go To Lip Product with you to rehydrate and protect on the go. Our Pick: ŃAFTÎNT Lip & Cheek tint made with Fresh Damask Roses, Red Beets and with the Goodness of Glycerine which is not just only a Tint but as well provide an added physical layer between your lips and the cold, moisture-sucking air, but  also deliver essential nutrients to keep lips moisturized from the inside out.

Bonus: You can swipe ŃAFTÎNT onto your cuticles and dry spots in a pinch.

Invest in a humidifier.

Believe it or not, the heat in your home (although comfy and cozy) can contribute to your skin feeling dry. Heaters (like air conditioners) can pull moisture from the air. In addition, coming in from cold air into a heated room can cause your skin to feel tight and dry, and lose moisture. Dr. Nazarian says, “You can minimize the potential for dry skin by using a humidifier to add moisturizer into the air during colder and drier months.”

Skip hot showers.

“Use less hot water (hot water removes natural oils more than lukewarm) and keep showers shorter during the dry fall season.

Applying one of our holy grail hydrating products, Vaseline. 

Apply a small amount to skin immediately after showering to lock in moisture and prevent evaporation of hydration, which is common in the winter months.”

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