Benefits of 24K Gold Elixir Serum

Add a touch of enchanting beauty with Ńaftun’s 24K Gold Elixir

Add a little gold and glow into your skin care routine
✨Naftun’s 24K Gold Elixir is a great primer and moisturiser
✨Helps in achieving a dewy and radiant look
✨Great for all skin types
✨Hydrates the skin
✨Helps in flawless makeup application
✨Exquisite lip hydrator

Ńaftun’s 24K Gold Elixir is an Organic blend of light essential oils and rose oil for complete day time hydration. This oil blend absorbs very quickly into your skin and gives you a radiant glow with a matte finish and is excellent for oily skin and humid weather.It is a great moisturiser and primer.It is amazing lip hydrator,apply before the application of liquid matte lipstick.

Prep your skin in the most luxurious yet organic way!❤️

Made with Pure 24K Gold with the Goodness of Essential oils with no synthetics, Ńaftun’s 24K Gold Elixir is a great pick if you are looking for something which gives your skin the Glow of your life in addition to acting as a healer by reducing the inflammation and slows the ageing process with proven results 💕. The Pure 24K Gold absorbs into the skin giving it a natural youthful radiance that is noticeable instantaneously. Too Good to be true just than Giving you the Glow of your life and acting as an anti ageing, it has also been at par excellence in reducing the dark spots and blemishes with promoting the blood circulation + collagen production for your skin 💕😇.
Ways to use
💫 Apply if before you massage your face with a beauty tool or your fingertips.
💫 Use it as a moisturising primer before makeup.
💫 Apply it on your under-eye area for extra TLC.
💫 Use it as a lip treatment.

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